Secure Profitable Commercial Deals 
in a Post-Covid World
The Secrets of Negotiating with Procurement Professionals
As we emerge from the Covid crisis, independent marketing agencies are likely to face tough negotiations with clients as they try to rebuild their businesses. 

This FREE guide is packed with actionable tips and strategies to help you successfully navigate these negotiations, protect your margins, and drive profitable growth.

By expert negotiator and entrepreneur, Mike Lander, as he shares tried-and-tested ways you can negotiate profitable deals with your clients.

The Secrets of Negotiating With Procurement Professionals

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About Mike Lander

"Mike is a strong leader, a great negotiator and a serial entrepreneur who I would recommend highly to any CEO, CFO or HR Director." 

Richard Newton, Transformation Director and award winning author

Mike Lander is a successful entrepreneur and expert negotiator, with a proven track record of buying, growing, and selling businesses for seven-figure sums, specialising in digital agencies. 

Mike has a uniquely valuable perspective on negotiating commercial deals, having worked on both sides of the table as a Procurement Director and as Chairman of a digital agency

He now uses his specialist knowledge and experience negotiating hundreds of deals – worth £400m+ – to provide 1:1 coaching, bespoke training programmes, and courses designed to help agency leaders negotiate profitable deals with procurement. 
“Mike's advice on commercial negotiations and deep insights into the mind of procurement professionals has been extremely valuable in growing our business.”

Kevin Gibbons, CEO and entrepreneur

"I’d absolutely recommend Mike to anyone facing a tough negotiation with procurement - he is unquestionably experienced, challenging and always there to support you."
Adam Goff

Stephen Cribbett

 "“Learning to Love Procurement" was a day well spent. It really helped me to start to think about buyers in a more constructive, empathetic way. I know I’ll make back the course fee soon, and then some. A great investment!"

Andy Hayes

 "Getting Mike’s insight, knowledge and darned good advice is like unpicking a treasure trove. I guarantee everyone around the room will improve their business next time they engage with procurement!"
Russell Brunson

Alan Cooper

Download the free negotiation guide: 

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